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The development of Advanced Strategic Research (ASR) is based on the principle of information based organizing. It pre-supposes that effective organizing requires fundamental research. We believe that the development of such research can be leveraged by use of information technology. The existence and growth on an information technology infrastructure (aka the internet) however, does not necessarily mean that all information is available to all persons instantaneously. There are most certainly those that have and those that do not. Our mission is to provide research to impacted communities so that they can advance their own informed agendas. Movementech's ASR takes on non-traditional information sources and information sources which are generally not accessible, due to cost or technical complexity, and turns them into tools which support community organizing. Here are two examples of this type of research.

Public Interest Law Center of Philadelhia - Philadelphia, PA (html format)
Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice - Hartford, CT (html format)