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  • Community Organizing
  • Corporate Research
  • Database Development
  • Research Techniques
  • Technical Writing
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Information Based Presentation and Advocacy

Technical Support

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Welcome to The Homepage of
Movement Technology Institute


The Movement Technology Institute is a non-profit Organizing-Tech Support Center. Our Mission is to strengthen the strategic capacity of grassroots social justice organizing through technical training, strategic analysis, and advanced uses of information tools. We have years of combined experience supporting the community organizing efforts of hundreds of grassroots, statewide, regional and national groups.

Our combined experience in services and training includes: Environmental Justice, Corporate Multinational Intelligence, Community Organizing, Political Redistricting, Youth Empowerment, Educational Reform, Institutional Analysis & Political Economy.

We provide Training and Services to Activists in a wide range of information technology based based approaches to organizing and organizing support. :

  • custom research on a broad range of social justice issues
  • statistical modeling and analysis of human population data
  • social justice research techniques from A - Z
  • on-line databases, GIS, strategic corporate research, software integration, campaign development
  • computer research, databases, a nd software applications including Lexis/Nexis, PACER, EDGAR, Court Records, Government Documents, Freedom of Information Requests, ArcView, Landview, Word Perfect, Word, Harvard Graphics, PowerPoint, Presentations, Graphic Design, report generation
    • advanced uses of computers and networks
    • network design, installation, maintainence, and troubleshooting, Hubs, Routers, Fast Ethernet Connection Sharing, Linux, Basic Server and clients: FTP, HTTP, Advanced Networking tools including VPN, VNC, HTTP, FTP, SSH, Operating System Management, Remote system Administration.
    • Web Site Design,and Maintainence.
    • Integration of Software, Hardcopy, Publicity Materials, and Campaign Strategy.

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