South Carolina GIS Data Files

Voting Precinct and 2000 Census Block GIS Population Data for Allandale,
Clarendon, Darlington, Lee and Sumter Counties 07-Aug-2001 12:05 3.4M

Metadata for Labelling of Census Data
notes2.txt 07-Aug-2001 13:25 4k

South Carolina 2000 Census Blocks 07-Aug-2001 12:11 38.8M

South Carolina 2000 County Population 30-Oct-2001 13:17 806k

South Carolina Highways and Railroads 17-Nov-2001 00:56 683k

South Carolina Stream Boundaries 17-Nov-2001 00:31 14.1M

South Carolina 2000 Census Blocks 30-Dec-2001 15:43 42.2M

South Carolina Voting Precinct Boundaries 30-Dec-2001 16:11 4.6M

South Carolina 2000 Census Places 07-Aug-2001 12:15 1.2M

South Carolina Voting Precincts 07-Aug-2001 12:07 4.6M

South Carolina Water Polygons 17-Nov-2001 00:18 3.9M




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