Louisiana GIS Data Files


East Baton Rouge 2000 Census Blocks
ebatonrougeblocks.zip - 1,379k

Existing Baton Rouge Council Districts
existingbrcouncildistricts.zip - 49k

Louisiana 2000 Census Blocks
lapopblock2000.zip - 51,764k

Lousiana Parish 2000 Boundaries and Population
lapopcounty2000.zip 1,132k

Louisiana Census 2000 Places
lapopplaces2000.zip - 776k

Louisiana 2000 Voting Districts
lapopvtd2000.zip - 6,409k

Louisiana Railroads
larailroads.zip - 827k

Louisiana Water Polygons
lawater.zip - 11,479k

Baton Rouge Draft Report
with Appendices


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